Where Strong And Upcoming Glass Blowers Get Their Inspiration

Glass blowing is definitely a unique field. Many people are intrigued by it, but only some of them have taken the necessary steps to become professionals. Where do those who are quite proficient in the field draw their inspiration from for these wonderful and motivational works of art?

Well, many look to the world around them. Inspiration often comes from nature or even day-to-day life. Artists can often able to find what is beautiful in all Read the rest…

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Major Artists Of Today And How They Relax

Major Artists Of Today And How They Relax

How Artists Unwind
Many artists are creative all the time. This is a natural example of their artistic behavior and personality. However, artists are human beings. This means, artists enjoy the simple pleasures of life as many ordinary people do. These simple pleasures include reading, walking, exercising, dining and vacationing.

The Benefits of Relaxation
The most important feature of relaxing is giving your mind a break. This creates balance and allows an artist to replenish their creative Read the rest…

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Home Insurance for the Artist in You

Most people know that they must maintain high credit scores, install fire detectors and bundle their policies to receive discounts off of their home insurance coverage. However, there are many other reasons that homeowners may obtain even more discounts off of their home insurance premiums, and they can be found below.

Live in a Gated Community

Things that lower the chances of break-ins are going to encourage insurance agents to lower their clients’ premiums. Those who live in a gated community are living in a location where they are less likely to experience a break-in. By bringing this to their agents’ attention, they may receive up to a 20 percent discount.

Re-Wire the House

A huge reason that fires start in a home is faulty wiring. Those who are moving to an older house may want to consider re-wiring it. Their agents are aware that 67,800 homes catch fire every year because of old wiring, so they will be glad to know that the house received new wiring. They will be so happy that they will mark the premiums down 10 percent.

Add Impact-Resistant Roofing

The roof is vulnerable to several outside factors, including the weight of snow, the wind and falling debris, but the roof can be protected if the homeowners add impact-resistant roofing. Aside from a five to 10 percent discount, homeowners also receive a tax deduction.

Remain Claim-Free

Homeowners who are not in the habit of filing claims with their insurance companies are rewarded with a discount. Those who need to file claims cost the insurance company a lot of money, so they are happy to have homeowners who have not filed any claims in the past on their client list. Those who have never filed a claim in 10 years qualify for a 20 percent discount.

Live Where a Homeowner’s Association Is Present

Insurance agents like to hear that their clients have a Homeowner’s Association. The HOA means that there is a more active community that makes it safer to live there. Homeowners are also required to keep up their houses so that they fit in with the community and comply with the association’s rules. For this, people receive up to a 10 percent discount.

The above several discounts can reduce homeowners’ premiums a great deal, but they can further lower their home insurance rates by following the link and receiving several rate quotes from insurance companies, such as Progressive, Traveler’s and Liberty Mutual.

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Prominent Mosaic Designers Of Modern Day

Vanessa Somers Vreeland is a mosaic art creator who grew up in a family of artists of different mediums. She began as a teenager with traditional painting and pursued her interests in the skills found in the artistry of the Old Masters. Soon, however, she found herself intrigued by their methods of layering transparent coats of paint on top of each other, giving dimension and special color effects to her creations.

As a lover of the unusual, and with a keen eye for beauty, Vanessa started experimenting with layering glass and plastic. Her other favorite subject for her art was Read the rest…

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Teaching Youth To Enjoy Modern Art

In a culture of individualism, youth are open now more than ever to experience new things that are original and seemingly controversial. Learning about art that is driven by emotion and passion is the outlet that many youth may need. Strategically placed between impressionism and contemporary is the beautiful and often questioned era of modern art. This art form represented the freedom of the artists to express their inner emotions within their work and to deal with the issues surrounding them in real life as subject matter and to be as Read the rest…

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Artistic Glass Sculptures And Other Glass Artwork On Exhibit

Many art enthusiasts travel across the world to view, what they consider to be, beautiful artwork. The common misconception surrounding art is that art is restricted to just pictures created with different forms of paints and chalks. This is far from the truth. Art can be made up of various different types of pictures, sculptures and designs. One type of art that has gained popularity amongst art lovers is the form of glass artwork. This Read the rest…

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New Professionals Becoming Recognized In The Glass Art World

If you are a new professional and trying to becoming recognized in the glass art world, then you should understand a couple of the different concepts in order to be recognized for your works.

Be an active member of the community

When you are active you are automatically going to become more recognized. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to glass art. For example, you could even give a few lectures on the topic of glass art.

Always do your best

It Read the rest…

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Spectacular Modern Sculptors From Around The World

Jean Shin

Hailing from South Korea, a haven for up-and-coming artists, Jean Shin gained worldwide recognition in 2007 for his piece entitled “Sound Wave,” which is a five-foot tall sculpture made to look like a large tidal wave. What’s impressive about the piece is that it’s made out of real melted vinyl records. The piece was shown at the Museum of Art and Design in 2008.

Nora Ligorano

Working with materials outside the norm, Manhattan-based sculptor Nora Ligorano gained notoriety with her2009 ice sculpture – a 36-inch high piece depicting the word “ECONOMY” all in capital letters. The piece Read the rest…

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